Hike on the great myths

The landmark of Schwyz towers majestically over the valley basin. The ascent of the Mythen is undoubtedly considered the highlight of all hikes in the area. The Mythen has therefore already been called the "Matterhorn of hikers". The striking rock pyramid offers a magnificent view with 360° panoramic views of mountains, valleys and lakes.

Holzegg mountain inn, dividing line

DISTANCE: 2,4 km

DURATION: 1 - 2 h from Holzegg | 2 - 3 h from Brunni/Alpthal parking lot.

TIGHTNESS: T3 - delicate


Ausgangspunkt ist die Holzegg. Mit der Luftseilbahn von Brunni/Alpthal in 5 Minuten auf die Holzegg oder zu Fuss vom Parkplatz der Luftseilbahn von Brunni/Alpthal auf die Holzegg in ca. 45 Min. Diese Strecke führt dich über schöne Weiden und Waldpartien. Auf der Holzegg (1405 m ü. M) beginnt der eigentliche, 2400 m lange Mythenweg. Der Bergweg auf den Grossen Mythen existiert seit Oktober 1864. Auf dem Serpentinenweg mit 47 Kehren erreicht man den Grossen Mythen (1899 m ü. M). Der nach allen Seiten frei stehende Berg erlaubt einen grandiosen Rundblick in die Glarner- und Urner-Alpen, zum Vierwaldstättersee und ins Unterland. Über 40’000 Besucher pro Jahr unterstreichen die Beliebtheit des einzigartigen Bergs.

Good footwear is required for walking the trail and practice in mountain walks is recommended. You should be free from giddiness and sure-footed. Climbing equipment is not necessary for the Gross Mythen. In the 80s, a particularly tricky passage before the summit was defused and the route optimized. In recent years, the Mythenweg has been further secured, widened and fortified at great expense. Chains have been installed in difficult places so that people can hold on to them. Nevertheless, the path still corresponds to the difficulty level T3 ("tricky"). Especially in wet or foggy conditions, the Mythenweg can be very slippery and confusing. In addition, one should not leave the secured path.

47 hairpin bends and a stone bench

The 47 hairpin bends lead along a fascinating rock scenery. Magnificent flowers line the path and with a little luck, you can observe local chamois on the way to the imposing summit. The rest of the route is easy to see because the hairpin bends are numbered. From Holzegg to the summit there are hardly any flat passages. The ascent from Holzegg takes about 1 - 2 hours, depending on your fitness level. A stone bench at hairpin bend 29 offers the possibility for a short rest.